Sejarah Sekolah

SMK Convent occupies a four acre piece of land along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah(formerly known as Brewster Road)SMK Convent was founded on 7th January 1907 by Mother St Victorie. At the time the school comprised only  a wooden building housing the chapel, school office and quarters of the Ssisters. Later a hostel block and orphanage were added.

The school was officially opened my Mother St Anatoli. The first principal was Sister St Prudence and the teachers were Sister St Anne and Sister St. Stanislaus. The school started off  with 8 students registered on the first day.

Initially the school was open to both boys and girls but in 1913 the boys moved to St. Micheal Institution. Until now the school has maintained its link with St. Micheal’s with its  SPM students moving there for Form Six.


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